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On March 23, I was pleased to address the NH Water Pollution Control Association.  At that time we were just getting started in the investigations surrounding PFOA contamination in Merrimack and Litchfield wells.  The links above give current updates on this issue.  Later in the month, the Governor signed SB 380 into law,  establishing the drinking water and groundwater trust fund and establishing the New Hampshire drinking water and groundwater advisory commission.  I am pleased to report that I was appointed to the advisory commission.  I am optimistic that the advisory commission  will be able to direct funds to a variety of clean water projects.  The trust fund for these water projects was established with funds that came from a lawsuit of contamination by MtBE, a gasoline additive that leaked into groundwater from various sources, mostly gasoline storage.  tanks.   While there may be PFOA clean up funds from Saint. Gobain, I note that the MtBE lawsuit took over ten years to reach a final settlement.  As chair of the Oil Fund Disbursement Board (we oversee cleanup and monitoring of MtBE contamination) for many of those years, this was a big win.

I wish to thank Merrimack voters for re-electing me in the Town Elections to another term as Trustee of Trust Funds.  We manage Capital Reserve Funds for the Town, School District and Merrimack Village District as well as funds that have been given to the Town to support schools, library, cemeteries, etc.


Candidate Forum Recorded October 21, 2014.  “Slate of Eight” All eight Merrimack Republican Candidates for State Representative Q & A. One hour. View here

Current Issues  Recorded on August 12, 2014, Tony Pellegrino hosts Tony’s Backroom.  He discusses a variety of issues with State Representative candidates from Merrimack, Chris Christensen and Jeanine Notter.  View here 

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Personal and Family
Living in New Hampshire means we are always close to the values we grew up with. I grew up (summers) in the Lakes Region and Lynn and I settled there after college (Colby in Waterville, ME for me, U Miami for her). A year later, I was in flight training for the US Navy. After the Navy, we moved to Merrimack with our daughter Kari, who was only three weeks old, and I started my business career in insurance and financial services. A few years later, we were joined by our son, Jeff. We have two grandchildren, Clara and Caden.

Community Service


President Andy Steeves (L) presents Chris with the President's award for 2013-2014

President Andy Steeves (L) presents Chris with the President’s award for 2013-2014

On June 26, 2014 Chris was announced as the recipient of the Rotary Club President’s Award for 2013-2014.  This was a year of membership growth for the Rotary Club of Merrimack, with Chris as the Membership Chair.  He was involved in many Rotary projects and chaired the program “Excellence in the Workplace.”       Learn more about Rotary here.

First with the Jaycees, then with Rotary, Chris has been involved in, and led, a variety of service projects. In 1995-96, he was the general chairman for Merrimack’s 250th Anniversary. Volunteers raised over $100,000, and in September 1996 we dedicated Abbie Griffin Park and the Merrimack Community Bandstand.  We saw what we could accomplish with no tax dollars when we developed and shared goals and we really did have a great sense of community which continues. I think all of our citizens share this sense of pride in our communities and in New Hampshire.

Other Activities                                                                                                                    Trustee of Trust Funds (Chair)*                                                                                      Parks and Recreation Committee (Chair)*                                                                    Rotary Club of Merrimack*                                                                                                    St. Joseph Community Services, Meals on Wheels (Board of Directors)*                             New Hampshire Foundation for Companion Animal Care (President)*                            Town Master Plan Committees (2)                                                                            Conservation Commission                                                                                                  Horse Hill Nature Preserve Planning Committee                                                                  Wasserman Park Master Plan Committee Town Master Plan Committees (2)                      Boy Scouts: Eagle Scout and Merit Badge Counselor                                                          *current in 2014






Public Office
Planning Board and Trustee of Trust Funds were my first offices held. Following the 250th Anniversary, I gave these up to become a Selectman, and was elected chair for two terms. Merrimack was still growing, but we were able to hold the Town’s tax rate stable through those years, and even built up a little surplus.

The next step was getting elected to the Merrimack Delegation to the House of Representatives, where I have served six terms, serving on the Resources, Recreation and Development Committee. Several bills have had my sponsorship, aimed at reducing expense and red tape for development while still maintaining a watchful eye on our resources, and encouraging development of parks, forest products and tourism. On a more local basis, when state aid for kindergarten lapsed, I was able to get it reinstated for Merrimack and other towns in a similar fix, for the four years it took to get the new students worked into the school funding programs.

A long term goal for Merrimack has always been a town center. For me, this started with a Jaycee Bicentennial project in 1976 at Twin Bridge Park across the road from the John O’Leary Adult Community Center (a Rotary project). In 1996, we built Abbie Griffin Park, and a bill filed by me in 2006 was the starting point for the new courthouse dedicated in 2010. Another step towards a town center.

Legislative Related Activities through 2012
Hillsborough County Delegation; budget subcommittee
Oil Fund Disbursement Board (Chair)
Exotic Aquatic Weeds and Species Committee (Chair)
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Americans For Prosperity Ranking: A+
___________________________________________________________________July 12, 2012                                       

Representative Chris Christensen
27 Greatstone Dr.
Merrimack, NH 03054

Dear Representative Christensen:

On behalf of the more than 29,000 members of AFP Foundation –NH, I want to commend you on your commitment to voting in support of legislation advancing economic freedom and prosperity in the state.

As you may know, you are one of only 27 members of the NH General Court to earn an A+ rating for the 2011-2012 biennial session in our recently released Legislative Score Card.

You can read more about the score card and view the specifics on our website at www.americansforprosperity.org/new-hampshire.


Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
AFP Foundation – NH

PO Box 464 • Windham, NH 03087 • 603-894-5881