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Variable MIlfoil continues to be a problem for Merrimack water bodies, Horseshoe Pond, Naticook Lake and Baboosic Lake.  Horseshoe Pond is the most heavily infested.  Herbicide treatments over time have kept it in check.  Naticook and Baboosic Lake are less heavily infested and hand pulling of plants by divers has been the predominant control methodology.  At this time (April 1, 2016) it is unclear if the warm winter has stimulated growth or extended the growing season.  Maps showing infestation areas as of the fall of 2015 are available for Naticook (Milfoil_101315), Baboosic and Horseshoe PondHorseshoe Pond Milfoil_100715Baboosic Lake Milfoil Map_Fall 2015

Variable Milfoil Discovered in Naticook Lake